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My new book, Free College, shows how to avoid massive college loan debt. It includes the steps used by successful Full-Ride Scholarship winners. It's a valuable tool for parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone in the lives of Pre-K through High School students. Help students earn more free cash for college and graduate debt free.

Free College is available now. To buy, click the red link above. If interested in making a bulk purchase, send me an email,

What People are saying about Free College

“This book should be available to parents before their children enter school. A perfect handbook for student success.” 
-Jeanette A. Fratto

“A much needed book depicting eye-opening methods easily employed by parents and students to maximize scholarships covering college tuition and expenses.” -Shelley Schuber

“The information this book contains will be vital to any student unable to personally finance a full university course of instruction." -Al Jacobs

“Most people aren’t aware of what’s available. This book increases awareness, step by step.”-Jane Lewis

“Much needed information for the college process in a concise and thorough reference book. A college funding Bible!"
 -Susan Suhr

“Avoid post college debt! Fantastic tips for getting to college! Plan ahead for college.” -Diane Hearne

An amazing guide through the ins and outs of acquiring the means for a college education in the United States. Elizabeth Wallace takes you step-by-step through 17 habits that all full scholarship winners have practiced. It is written in a manner that makes these steps easy, without feeling at all overwhelmed. As a mother of two elementary aged children, I feel blessed to have found and read this book now, though I would still recommend it to parents of children in any grade.The final chapter outlines the time frames for setting each behavior into place so the reader knows exactly when to implement each tactic. Elizabeth even includes a chapter on organization so don't fret, you can't mess it up. There's never a bad time to get started, go buy this book now and save your child from the black hole of college debt!   
-Amazon Review

I was fortunate to read a copy of "Free College" immediately upon publication. It is a book which parents of all ages will find helpful, especially if they hope to have children who do well in school. This book does an excellent job of showing how raising children who do well in school and who are most likely to earn college scholarships begins at an early age and involves the entire family. This is a book which any parent will find helpful, whether they have children in preschool, elementary school, middle school or high school. It explains the family lifestyles and class selections which are most likely to result in a child who is capable of earning college scholarships. If you do not want your children to graduate from college with thousands of dollars in debt, this inexpensive book is well worth the small investment.” -D. Carr

This is an essential guide for parents of high school children if they are planning to go to college. It provides an easy list of ideas that all kids can follow along with reasons why the ideas will work. This is not only a guide to getting into college for free but practical ideas that will help them do what will make them successful in later life. I recommend every high school parent should own this book. - Rett Lemoult

As the grandmother of a soon-to-be high school graduate, I am concerned about the ever-increasing cost of a college education. So when I heard about a book titled "Free College" I was immediately intrigued.

I was concerned that we were already too late to the table, so to speak, but the information in this book is beneficial at any point in a college-bound student's academic life. The book is well-written, easy-to-read, and lays out all the necessary steps in a very detailed and organized manner.

I read through it right away and then passed it on to my daughter and grandchildren. Both were excited to learn things they could do to help decrease their student debt and increase their chances of a scholarship - particularly the 13 year old since she has dreams of medical school - and more time to put the actions in this book into actual practice!

A very worthwhile read for any family with children heading to college one day. Highly recommended! -Melodieann Whiteley 

"I was a scholarship receiver who followed the advice she makes available. Graduated with zero debt." -Elizabeth Burke

"The information in this book is beneficial at any point in a college-bound student's academic life. The book is well-written, easy-to-read, and lays out all the necessary steps in a very detailed and organized manner."- domestic Diva (Via

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  1. "Free College" is an excellent book. I hope many parents and grandparents will purchase it and share the information with anyone in their family who is raising school-age children.