Wednesday, July 17, 2019

My Interview with the Boomer Business Coach

The first person to approach me for an interview after I published my book, Free College, was Melodieann Whiteley, host of the Boomer Business Coach Blog. Although she’s a successful businesswoman, her immediate interest was from the perspective of a grandmother. She knows college is far more expensive now than it was in the past. Often students take out several college loans, and end up with staggering debt. She didn’t want her children or grandchildren to suffer this fate.

I’ve placed a link to the interview we did for her blog right after this paragraph. Just click on it to be taken directly there. After you've finished reading, come back, and check out my book, Free College. It’s on Amazon. You can take a look, and buy it by clicking on the image of the book cover in the upper right hand corner of this page. I hope you read it, learn the defining habits of successful scholarships winners, and avoid college loans altogether.

To read "Free College? Yes, says Elizabeth Wallace" on Melodieann's blog click: HERE

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