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A college education adds value that goes well beyond earning more money in your lifetime. But if you are visiting this site, I don’t have to convince you of that. You’ve already come to this conclusion. 

Becoming accepted to college requires students to graduate high school having fulfilled the A – G requirements, taken the hardest classes possible while maintaining great grades. But in order to earn a Full-Ride Scholarship, which is the goal of this site, there is far more to do.

This section of Road to Free College provides tips to students and parents so students can earn higher grades while doing everything else expected by colleges. It teaches how to do more of what the ideal college scholarship and grant winner does. Do what is suggested here, and you may earn more free cash for college.

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For daily updates on topics that can help you on your road to free college, check out my Twitter feed, @elizawallace27. Research any scholarship or university you may wish to pursue. Be sure the university or college is accredited, respected and offers a full program in your field of interest. Make certain any Full-Ride Scholarship you find pays for everything, and does not include student loans.

These are the links to some of the tips for students that have appeared on this site. Others are stored in the Blog Archive. 

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