Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lower Stress, Higher Grades = More Scholarship $, Pt. 2

Stress trashes learning and memory. If stress is reduced, students may end up with higher grades and more scholarship money for college. There are three simple things which students can do to reduce the stress in their lives.

This is the second tip. Students can exercise at least thirty minutes every day. According to experts, the easiest and best way to exercise is to walk. It’s silly that we have to be told to walk. It’s a natural thing to do, but with all the modern conveniences we enjoy, walking isn’t as necessary as it used to be.

In order to reduce stress and improve grades (and increase the possibility of more free cash for college), students should build walking into their daily routines. When I was teaching, I still found time (scratch that…I made time) to walk. I decided to start my commute early and walk the halls for ten minutes every morning before class started.

Students can accomplish the same thing by walking to school. If this isn’t feasible, they can be dropped off ten minutes away from campus, and walk the remainder of the route. During my lunch break, I walked the halls another ten minutes. Students can get exercise by taking a P.E. class instead (or they too could walk during the lunch break).

After school, students can walk the entire route home, be dropped off ten minutes away from home, or take a ten minute walk before or after dinner. Adding this to walking before and during school hours, this will add up to walking thirty minutes each day.

If students are not enrolled in P.E., or do not participate in sports or dance, they can pick up an inexpensive pair of free weights or ankle weights and work out for twenty minutes or so three times each week. Weight training in addition to cardio (walking) is great for stress reduction and health.

Physical activity is a simple way for students to reduce stress, increase their GPA and increase the chance of earning more free cash for college.

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