Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Snow Days and Holidays Can Help Elementary Students Earn College Scholarships

Throughout the school year there are plenty of “found days” when students don't go to school. Some are weather related, like snow days, when school is closed. Others are holidays, especially on Mondays, resulting in three day weekends. During teacher in-service days school is open, but kids don’t go. Why not use this time to help students do things they enjoy which could help earn more scholarship money for college?

Even in elementary, some pastimes greatly increase the odds of winning scholarships later. It’s always a good idea to determine a child’s talents and interests at an early age, and then reassess from time to time. This way, children will enjoy the activities that are selected, and resistance can be avoided.

It’s wise to prepare for these eventualities in advance. Waiting until you’re snowed in to find something to do really doesn’t work well. But if a list is created beforehand and kept in a safe place, it’ll be ready when needed. The best place to get ideas is at school. Early in the school year, send an email, text or make an appointment with your child’s teacher. Request suggestions for free time play in areas which will be studied that year. Or, let the teacher know your child’s interests and ask where you can find related things to do at home, when school is not in session.

Another place to look is online. Google the interest of your child and see what’s available. Look at YouTube too. Use the area of interest or talent in your search, but be sure to preview the site or video before letting your child see it, to determine if it's age appropriate. Many science videos and sites for kids are online. Bill Nye the Science Guy has several videos on YouTube. So does Samantha Brown. Her “Passport to Europe” segments are light hearted, fun and very educational.

No matter what your child’s strength or interest, you'll find plenty of interesting, educational diversions that can be enjoyed when cooped up in the house. You can also go visit places, if weather is not an issue. Again, it’s wise to prepare in advance. You'll find many that suit each field of interest. Contact your city recreation department, look to local college calendars for events, and again, research online or ask your child’s teacher.

While free play is always a viable choice, using found time to further your child’s interest in something that might lead to college scholarships later is a much better choice. Families who start planning for college while their children are quite young, find that winning lots of scholarship money for college is easier than it is for families who don’t plan ahead.

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