Sunday, May 19, 2019

What Does Raising Healthy Kids Have to Do with Free College?

Recently I received a message from a doctor friend I met on Twitter. We follow each other, and share an interest in improving our health, and that of others. Here’s what she wrote, “You have a lot of good tips for making eating healthy easier. You should share them on a blog,” Dr. Kristie Leong.

Another friend, one I’ve known offline for several years, sent me this message shortly thereafter, “I agree with Kristie. Your healthy eating tips go well with your theme of helping kids do well in school and earn scholarships,” Deborah Dian.

I respect both of these ladies, but didn’t want to start a second blog. As an alternative, I’ve added a page of simple ways to raise healthy kids to my blog. I’ve titled the page, Raising Healthy Kids. I add tips to the page to encourage children to eat right and stay fit, so they’ll be able to follow the sixteen defining habits of successful scholarship winners and earn lots of free cash for college.

Every so often, I’ll write an entire blog post about one of the tips. I’ll go more in depth, and show parents what they can do to help their children stay healthy by eating right, sleeping enough and staying fit. There will also be suggestions of ways parents can build their children’s self-esteem, which is so vital to success in school, college and beyond. I’ve included some of the tips I’ve posted already below.

Easy Tips:

Adding one more veg to dinner, and reducing the size of your meat portion is a simple change every family can make to improve health.  

We should all adopt a physical activity we enjoy. It could be a sport, hiking, dancing, swimming, or something else. Share it with your kids, so they'll grow up with this healthy habit. 

Look at lists of healthy plant slant foods and recipes, and make your shopping list from the foods they contain. @BlueZones post them often on Facebook and Twitter. 

Let kids pick one new veg at the supermarket or Farmer's Market to try each week. They're more likely to try a "special" food they selected. 

Write down everything you ate and drank and hour before you had digestive issues. Do this for your kids too. Playing detective helps identify food allergies and intolerances. 

Recently I learned exercise keeps our arteries flexible, which is a good thing. That’s reason enough to make sure your kids get up and move around the house or outside every thirty minutes or so. No more playing video games without breaks. 

Gardening is a great family tradition to establish. Teaching kids where food comes from makes them more likely to eat their vegetables.

Poor health is a good reason to stop buying foods that contribute to it. Filling up your shopping list with healthy fruit, vegetables, beans and whole grains leaves little room for junk.

Did you know pistachios contain resveratrol, just like red wine? So your kids can snack on pistachios while you enjoy a glass of your favorite cabernet. You'll both benefit from this healthy compound, which fights damage to our bodies on a cellular level.

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