Saturday, November 19, 2016

Great Snacks for School

Students frequently get hungry between meals. It’s easy for them to grab a granola bar or some kind of candy, but these foods won’t help the brain function, grades improve or students win free money for college. Protein can do the trick. Prepackaged string cheese, nuts or seeds fit the bill. They are healthy, small enough to carry around and taste good.

Packaged meat sticks are also handy and contain protein, but they frequently contain a long list of hard to pronounce ingredients. If you can find some without lots of chemicals or preservatives, then meat eaters could enjoy snacking on them while loading up on brain healthy protein.

Remember that most schools have a no eating in class rule. This doesn’t prohibit middle and high school students from snacking while moving from one class to another. Just remind students to dispose of the wrapper in the trash when they are finished. They should also drink plenty of water, since the brain doesn’t function well when dehydrated.

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