Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Music and Art Lessons Can Help Win Scholarships

Although Music and Art are proven to help with brain development and to enhance learning across the curriculum, many such classes have been removed from public schools. It’s all about the money, of course. Parents and students can encourage their local districts to reinstate and fully fund such programs, but in the meantime, parents should look elsewhere. I received a brochure from my city Recreation Department in the mail recently. I was pleased to see the wide-ranging Art and Music programs they provide children in this community.

There are classes and workshops for toddlers to teens. They run the gamut from introductory exploratory sessions to more advanced and private lessons. All sorts of art classes are offered. The same is true for music, voice and dance. Some are traditional in nature, like tap or ballet, others more modern in style, such as hip hop. No matter a child’s tastes, there are offerings that will interest him or her.

The brochure I received is for this fall. Prices range from $45 to $139. The lower priced courses meet less often and for a shorter period of time, often a month or so. The more expensive meet more frequently and for about two months. While I fully support art, voice, music and dance in public schools beginning in Pre-K and continuing through high school, parents and students should find opportunities to study, enjoy and benefit from such lessons wherever they can be found.

Such lessons, continued for years, enhance brain development and improve learning and grades in many subjects such as English, Foreign Languages, Math, Science, etc. They are also prevalent among high school seniors who earn the highest amount of scholarship money for college. It isn’t a coincidence. It’s cause and effect, therefore worth the time and investment. Parents can request a brochure like the one my city sends out from their own local city Recreation Department.

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