Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Which Colleges and Universities Offer the Most Financial Aid?

USA Today recently published findings from the 2018 issue of the Princeton Review. They listed updated information on colleges and universities helping families in their search for the best choice for graduating seniors. Although all details contained in the article are beneficial, I find the list of the Best Financial Aid to be the most compelling. I don’t believe college graduates should have to spend decades trying to pay back college loans.

I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to helping families avoid taking out college loans. This is why I wrote Free College. Until the US joins the rest of the first world countries in making Pre-K through College tuition free, I believe families should pursue scholarships and grants, not loans. Therefore, this list of institutions of higher education offering the Best Financial Aid is of interest to me.

The top college in financial aid in 2018 is Bowdoin College, with grants averaging $42,200 per student. The second and third are Vanderbilt University and Colgate University. I believe students should select the lowest cost accredited university which will provide them an education in their chosen field. These three institutions should be high on the list, considering how much financial aid they supply. But, families would be wise to read the offers their children receive to insure that they do not end up needing student loans to cover all costs.

It’s far better to go to a lower cost university for free than a higher cost university no matter the amount of grants or scholarships offered, if the financial aid package does not cover everything. Remember, college loans are forever.

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