Wednesday, March 14, 2018

An Open Letter to School Administrators Everywhere

From time to time weather keeps students from going to school. Heavy snow falls, torrents of rain pour down, the wind blows at dangerous velocities. In such cases and others, many of you school administrators wisely close schools to protect the lives of children. When you do so, you send out tweets, emails and notices through radio and television media.

I suggest you use this opportunity to pass on other vital information. Families would benefit greatly if they used some of this time at home to apply for college scholarships. There are thousands of scholarships available for students of all ages, types and ability levels. There's free money waiting for your students.

Last year alone, over $2.9 billion in federal college grant money went unclaimed. This is tragic. Today college loan debt is over $902 billion in the U.S. Helping families avoid college loans is a goal we should all get behind. The next time you, a school administrator, tweet an announcement that school is closed due to snow, sleet, ice, rain, flooding or other natural disaster, suggest families use this time wisely to apply for college scholarships.

There are many simple ways to find scholarships no matter the grade level of the child. Yes, college scholarships are even awarded to elementary school students. Parents or secondary students can simply do a Google search, or search Twitter using the hashtag, #scholarships. Personnel at your schools could do the grunt work for parents by supplying them with websites of organizations that assemble scholarship and grant information.

Families need something to do when kids are forced to stay inside instead of going to school. Why not suggest they apply for college scholarships? They’ll need the money.

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