Wednesday, June 26, 2019

World Language Teachers, Want to Grow Your Program?

My previous book, Free College, helps families emulate successful scholarship winners. My newest books help World Language teachers do the same thing. I recently published books for teachers of German, French and Spanish on the Teachers Pay Teachers’ website. Teachers who read them will learn from the success of award winning language teachers. Each book includes a step-by-step guide so teachers can see how to create demand, build enrollment, and maintain it, so they can enjoy teaching. These books have been used effectively across the U.S. There’s no reason their strategies won’t work for you too.

At the end of a conference for German teachers that I attended in San Diego, I was approached by a representative of the Goethe Institute in Los Angeles. She wanted to hire me to write a book showing teachers how to do what I had done, build a highly successful, award winning German program in a public high school. I agreed as long as a colleague of mine could work alongside me to accomplish this task. When the book was finished, we were sent to speak at several national conferences. The Institute then supplied copies of our book to each German teacher in attendance.

That was some time ago, when the economy was different. Funding for the project has since been diverted to other causes. We went our separate ways, and focused on other issues. Since I am no longer in the classroom, I decided to update and revise the book, and create an edition for both French and Spanish teachers. The methods for growing a language program are the same no matter the language. The resources and a few other items in the book needed to be altered. The books are finished and available online.

German teachers click hier.
French teachers click ici.
Spanish teacher click aquí.

These guides include step-by-step instructions, printable worksheets and useful resources to help you create demand, fill your classes and keep them that way. Learn how to recruit and retain students so you can build the language program of your dreams from someone who has done it in three languages! How to Build a Successful German Program, How to Build a Successful French Program and How to Build a Successful Spanish Program tell the story of an imaginary language teacher, but is based on the robust careers of real German, French and Spanish teachers.

“Dieser Guide, den Sie in der Hand halten, entstand aus der
Notwendigkeit, Ihnen Hilfsmittel für creative, interessante
Gestaltung und eventuell sogar den Aufbau eines Deutschprograms
zu geben.”
-Gabriele Landwehr, Goethe Institut, Los Angeles

“This guide arose out of the need to provide a tool for creative,
interesting design and even perhaps the rebuilding of a
German Program.”
-Gabriele Landwehr, Goethe Institute, Los Angeles

“Wie mache ich das Beste aus meinem Deutschprogramm? ‘How to
Build a Successful German Program’ ist ein Handbuch, das
Kolleginnen und Kollegen die Gestaltung eines effektiven
Deutschprogramms leicher machen soll.”
-Treffpunkt Deutsch

“How do I make the best out of my German Program?
‘How to Build a Successful German Program’ is a handbook that
should make the design of an effective German Program
easier for colleagues.”
-Treffpunkt Deutsch

“Elizabeth has a wealth of ideas and the ‘know how’ and energy to
get the job done.”
-Dr. Sandra Mayo, Vice Chancellor, Yuba CCD

“Thank you for your extreme dedication to the students of California
and for your support of present and future quality teaching.”
-Bill Honig, California Superintendent of Public Instruction, Retired

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  1. These books will be very helpful to foreign language teachers across the United States. What a valuable resource!