Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Where to Find Help with Free College

Even if you have a great idea for a book, and there’s an enormous market for the subject, nothing will happen unless you learn marketing. Before I began writing Free College, I started this blog,, and joined Twitter, @ElizaWallace27. Once my book was available on Amazon, several people took notice. Their interviews, guest blog posts, and advice have been beneficial. I was lucky to meet Rick Lite, @stressfreepub, who owns while I was on Twitter.

Rick is an expert in marketing, something I need in order to help millions of people pay for college without needing student loans. His useful tips have already pointed me in the right direction several times. Recently, Rick interviewed me for his newsletter. His questions were concise and probing. You’ll learn how I came to write Free College, some of the feedback I’ve had from readers so far, and much more. I'm quite grateful for the opportunity, and for the help I've received from Rick. 

To read the interview, just click: HERE.

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  1. What fabulous information! No matter how brilliant our books are, it is still essential that we market them! Good luck getting your useful information out to people!