Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Secret to Happiness after College

Find a college that offers the course of study you need for the occupation of your choice which will also give you a full ride scholarship, (excluding loans of any sort). If they don't require you to take a job, that’s even better. Under no circumstances should you go somewhere requiring you to take out student loans, even if that university has a fabulous reputation. No one cares where you went, just what you learned.

If you can't find a full scholarship, attend the least expensive accredited college that will teach you what you need to know for your career choice. Start applying for scholarships while still in diapers (not really, but do start early). Live uber-frugally, even if that means living in your childhood bedroom (as I did). Get a part time job to pay any bills your parents are not willing or able to cover (dentist, shoes, etc.). Don't get married, no matter how cute he/she is. Don't have children either, no matter how adorable they may end up being.

I worked a full time job, lived at home and took a full load of classes the first two years of college. Then I foolishly married, making everything more difficult. We saw each other more while dating. Study hard, work hard. You can hold your breath for four years. Time will pass. The only two things that last forever are what you learn and student loan debt. Avoid the second while acquiring the first. Yes, of course there are other factors that contribute to or detract from happiness. But all things being equal, people with no debt are less stressed and happier than those with debt, especially student loan debt. This is the secret to happiness after college.

For more information, you'll want my new book, Free College Awareness, coming soon from Griffin Publishing and Watering Seeds. How to avoid needing college loans; available soon to families of Pre-K through High School students.

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