Friday, March 8, 2019

Don’t Waste Your Spring Break

If you use your time wisely, you can have fun now, earn scholarships for college and avoid needing student loans. You’ve seen all the movies about Spring Break, beach parties, camping trips, and even trips abroad. But if you plan ahead a little, you can enjoy yourself and still avoid joining thousands of people who will be making loan payments for decades.

Spring Break is in March for some high schools and colleges, and in April for others. No matter when your time off falls, you probably have nine days of freedom from classes. That’s over two hundred and sixteen hours. Don’t sleep the whole time. Don’t spend it all hanging out with your friends. Set aside ten hours to help secure your financial future.

Right now, decide if you’re going to apply for nine scholarships all at once, split them up or spread them out over the nine days. Then, take out your phone or day planner and mark when you’re going to do this. If you’ve applied for one already, you know how long it takes to fill out an application. Block out the time you need, so nothing will get in the way later.

Next, make a list of online sites where you know you can find scholarships. You can use Twitter, or your search engine to find them. If you go to my Twitter page, @ElizaWallace27, you’ll find I retweet at least three scholarships each day. Other sites are dedicated to scholarships; @scholarships360 and @PayingForSchool are two such sites. If you do this before making other plans for Spring Break, you’ll have far more flexibility and be able to do both, have fun and apply for scholarships.

I know Spring Break is fun. The weather is usually better than it has been, and you don’t have school work to do (hopefully). But don’t squander your free time. Peel off enough to apply for at least nine scholarships, which will take less than 5% of your time off. You can do this now, or wish you had later, when you find you don’t have enough money to pay for college without taking out student loans.

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