Wednesday, March 13, 2019

You Can Prevent Your Children from Needing College Loans

Hundreds of thousands of high school graduates sign up for student loans each year because their families didn’t know the defining habits of successful scholarship winners. It wasn’t their fault. They did they best they could, but their efforts fell short. No one told them about my book, Free College. Or, perhaps their children grew up before I finished writing my book. For that, I apologize. If you’re intrigued, you can stop right here, click on the image of my book in the right hand corner of this page, and buy it right now.

The last decade or more of my teaching career, all of my seniors went to college, all with scholarships. Many were awarded a full-ride. While I was thrilled for them, I was disappointed more hadn't earned enough to pay for all four years. These students ended up taking out student loans, and are still in debt today. I wondered if there was some “secret sauce” that allowed the most successful to win so much free money for college. I was too curious to let it go, and conducted extensive research to discover exactly why some students earn a full ride scholarship, while others are awarded just a few thousand dollars. I discovered there are sixteen defining habits shared by the most successful scholarship winners. Those who do only some of them earn less cash .

How would you feel if you knew there was a way to prevent a terrible mishap, but didn’t have the information needed to avoid it? That’s how you’ll feel if you don’t learn the simple steps to help your children earn a full ride scholarship. When you spend a few dollars to buy my book, you’ll learn how to help your children qualify for more college scholarships. Once you do, tell family and friends about Free College, and where to buy it. Billions of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed every year. It’s tragic and avoidable.

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For more information, you’ll want my book, Free College, CLICK HERE. It teaches families how to help their kids become more successful in school, college, and life.

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