Wednesday, March 20, 2019

You Don’t Need to Bribe Your Way into College

Plenty of students do it the old fashioned way. They fulfill all the admission standards, complete the  A-G requirements, earn a high GPA, score well on the ACT or SAT and apply, all without the aid of “admissions consultants”. For many decades the über-rich have given massive endowments to prestigious universities resulting in special treatment for their children. This is not new. Recently, however, it wasn’t the universities which received massive “gifts”, but counselors and coaches. Now people are going to jail. Both methods of gaming the system are, in my opinion, unethical.

Instead, learn what successful, honest students and families do, and follow their lead. Successful students fulfill all the admission standards listed above, of course, but they don't stop there. Often students take extra courses in math, science and foreign languages instead of focusing on just one of the three subjects. Families have their eye on the prize early, and don’t need to resort to extreme or illegal measures. They send students to summer college enrichment courses beginning as early as elementary school. Since these are in subjects the students enjoy, it’s fun for them and not a burden.

By following the step-by-step guide in my book, Free College, families learn the sixteen defining habits that have allowed thousands of students to not only go to college, but to do so with scholarships. Many of them received far better scholarships than those “purchased” illegally by celebrities. Most students don’t need help from outside professionals, honest or otherwise. They rely on the expertise of their local high school counselor. Every high school should have at least one counselor who is the go-to expert on everything college. If your school doesn’t have such a person, follow the suggestions in my book to find a mentor.

Students researched for the writing of my book paid no specialists or bribes. They went to the colleges of their choice, even USC, and with scholarships. Your children can too. Click on the image of my book, Free College, at the top right corner of this page to buy it from Amazon. Start now, and do all the right things. No one needs to go to jail.

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